Decisions, Decisions: Translation Services Near Me, or Anywhere in America?

Many organizations have the tendency to go to Google and look for “translation services near me”, but here is something worth asking: is having a local translation agency and interpretation service provider really what is needed to get projects done at a high-quality level, or is the team and internal process what makes or breaks translation quality? Sure, having a local translation agency near you sounds ideal, but if their office was across the street, how often would you pop in? The best multilingual translation agencies offer flawless communication and have the best technology platforms to manage tasks and complete projects without error while being able to make quick changes to documents, as needed, and while doing everything by phone or email.

All of this said, location doesn’t matter. What it really comes down to is the team, the process, and the capabilities behind every translation agency. Here are some tips that will help you find the best translation company, and if they also happen to be near you, then great but don’t let location make or break a potential beautiful working relationship.

Translation Agency Language Expertise

Whether you need a doc translated from Spanish to English, or you need translation services in Nigeria’s Edo language, look for a multilingual translation agency that specializes in multiple languages. These should include popular language translation needs like Spanish, German, Russian and all the primary Asian languages. The translation agency should also excel in various languages spoken around Latin America, specialize in Hebrew, and other languages in the Middle East.

Even if you need translation services in French, knowing that your multilingual translation services are offered by a company that has over 100 languages in their wheelhouse will testify to the fact you are partnering with a highly skilled company. Also, make sure the translation provider excels in translating specific dialects.

Is the Translation Agency Able to Respond Quickly to Last-Minute Change Requests?

Whether your translation agency is located in your same office building, or on the other side of the globe, it is absolutely paramount they have the internal capabilities and leadership in place to respond quickly to last minute-change requests made by the client while making sure the quality and translation accuracy is flawless.

In addition, location doesn’t make a difference if your translation agency isn’t equipped to tackle last-minute rush orders. Often, organizational needs will change with little warning, and as a result the client needs their translation project completed much sooner. The best translation services are not praised for being within a 30-minute commute but rather by how their project manager and the team at hand respond to rush orders that spring up with no warning.

Translation Agencies Vertical Capabilities and Experience

Again, location doesn’t matter. Whether translation companies are located in New York or Hong Kong, geography doesn’t testify to experience. Instead, look for translation agencies that have worked with multiple small business enterprises and multinational organizations. The agency you hire should have a track record of helping clients achieve objectives in local, national and international arenas. Furthermore, they should be able to prove experience in multiple verticals from consumer brands to legal, and from power and oil to hospitality and healthcare sectors. When a translation agency proves that it performs high-quality services for clients of multiple sizes in numerous sectors, this is a clear sign you will be working with an industry leader.