Habits to improve your productivity

If you feel fatigued, deconcentrated and with low motivation during your workday, it may be time to change habits. We propose some transformations that will make your productivity rise like foam. The following tips are not only useful for your work also for your life and for you to stop postponing important decisions like find a dentist in Tijuana.

Get to work before: Of course, if you have a fixed office schedule, you will not be able to carry out this option. However, if you have flexible hours or work as a freelance you should try to advance your schedule, since it is scientifically proven that many more people – although it depends on your circadian rhythms – are productive in the early morning, being able to focus on more difficult tasks and maintain the mind away from distractions. You can also make better use of the rest of the day and invest time in your hobbies. Oh, and the meetings, as science dictates, are better in the afternoon.
Put your phone upside down or in airplane mode: On many occasions we have tackled in TICbeat the problem of technological dependence in our hyperconnected society, where the problems of nomophobia and addiction to social networks, video games or mobile devices are everywhere. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put the phone in silence and face down during your workday, turn it off, away from you or opt for the airplane mode. You should escape like the powder of the small dose of dopamine generated by each notification if you do not want your productivity to end up crashing to the ground.
Check your email review: Properly manage your email can help you gain time or be an eternal source of unproductive. As tips, you can spend only two moments a day to check your inbox or respond to emails, disable notifications, use only two folders and automatically filter low-value emails, such as those of a commercial nature.
Work with headphones: Music can become your best ally to perform better, especially if you bet on styles such as classical music, sounds of nature, epic music or environmental soundtracks. Whether you work from home or work from the office, the music offers great benefits such as greater concentration, relaxation and stress reduction, control over the environment, emotional handling, impulse of creative ideas and a more positive mood positive. What are you waiting to start your playlist?
To sleep well and well is a priority: Never pay attention to whoever tells you that in order to be successful, it is necessary to sleep little. Do not drink caffeine or stimulants beyond midday, exercise more, do not eat heavy or copious foods, relax before sleeping meditating or using breathing techniques, condition your room to be dark, dry, silent and comfortable and try to sleep at least eight hours on a regular schedule. This is your main weapon against lack of concentration.