How to Choose the Best Design for Your Product Packaging

When it comes to marketing physical products, packaging design is one of the most important decisions you can make. Product packaging design has the power to attract the attention of your consumer audiences, which leads to an increase in sales. On the other side of the coin poor product packaging design can bore buyers and keep them moving down the aisle, or worse, lead people into choosing your competitor’s items. Poor product packaging design can also cause customers to have a negative view of your brand.

Creating a winning product packaging design needs to convey your brand while favorably attracting your target buyer audiences. Here are some tips to help you execute a winning design that will boost sales and spread brand awareness.

Choose One Partner from the Best Commercial Printing Companies

In order to find the best commercial printing company specializing in product packaging design, you must scope them out looking for a number of favorable points. First of all, the best commercial printing and packaging companies will always offer multiple services for a convenient in-house touch. These should include design and production services for packaging, brochures, catalogues, direct mailings and domestic packaging. Make sure they offer product design services for each of these. This will testify to the wide-range of their skills and abilities.

Ensure Your Product Packaging Design is Easy for Buyers to Absorb

Avoid a design that speaks in metaphors; a simple package design helps potential buyers know exactly what your product is and how it can improve their life or fulfill a need. Remember, most buyers move through aisles quickly. Your design only has a few seconds to catch their attention and convince them your product is the best one on the shelf. A product package design that is easy to absorb will tell people what it is, what it does, and what the brand is. Make sure this is supported by the right font and be sure the design isn’t too busy or else your potential customers might get confused.

The Best Product packaging Designers Keep it Simple Yet Informative

We mentioned the packaging design should be easy for people to absorb, and this means keeping it simple. But the design also need to be highly informative. The best product packaging companies with creative departments always do the following:

  • Keep the front of the package uncluttered
  • Showcase the product name and description in a clear, concise manner
  • Include product benefits
  • Use high-quality attractive images
  • Keep the text clear with consistent font
  • Keep the look cohesive and easy to scan in 3 seconds
  • Avoid too many stand-out, bold elements that compete against one another thus causing consumers to feel overwhelmed.


Embrace Creativity

Don’t be afraid to venture from the matter-of-fact and into the creative arena or product packaging design. Injecting some creativity can go a long way into making your products stand out from the competition. If your brand is laid back, eco friendly and fun then use a creative method for showcasing these values into your branding. This will give a good impression by showing that you took the time to use a “think-outside-the-box” approach to reaching people. This will also shine a positive light on the overall quality of your product while inspiring discerning buyers.