How to Find a Multimedia Stage Design Company for Concert Production

If you are reading this article, then chances are good you went to Google and typed in “multimedia stage design for concert production”. The changes are also high that you are a tour manager for an entertainment mogul, and partnering with a multimedia stage design company for concert production is a key role in your job description. As you know, finding companies that excel in experimental multimedia art for stage design is crucial to enhancing any concert performance. This article is intended to steer industry professionals into the right direction when it comes to locating a multimedia stage design company they can partner with for the upcoming event, and many more to come.

Innovation with Projection Mapping Surfaces

One sure sign you have found an expert multimedia stage design company is to observe the creativity injected into how they utilize projection surfaces. A truly innovative multimedia stage designer will be able to turn any surface on the stage into an LED screen or canvas for 3D mapping. The more creative and original stage designers can get, the greater the opportunities are for metamorphosing the appearance of the stage. One example of this can be seen in Shakira’s El Dorado tour in which video mapping technology cast the semblance of clocks on each side of the stage that moved with the central installation piece in synch to the artist’s evolution as presented on the stage and in her music. This is a crucial task that multimedia concert production companies must master; creating versatile solutions to bring an artist’s words to life in new ways that will mesmerize audience goers.

Stage Design Technology Portfolio and Versatility

One-hit wonders in the music industry are called just that because, aside from a one-off successful song, they are otherwise forgotten. As an industry professional looking to strike up lasting partnerships with a multimedia stage design engineer, the last thing you want to do is hire a stage design company for concert productions that has one good project under their belt, but very little else in their portfolio.

Look for a multimedia stage design company that has a number of big client names in their portfolio. In addition, don’t just review their entertainment clients; look at other industries where multimedia art was used to create virtual experiences. Some of the best videomapping experts in multimedia stage design have worked on government projects, done stage design for theatre and the opera, and for world recognized brands in product launches. A broad depth of capabilities simply testifies to the expertise and wide range of genius on tap that can be found in the stage design company.

Interview the Multimedia Stage Design Company

The portfolio can look amazing, but how creative are the team members who will be executing your stage design? Interview each multimedia stage design company; tell them about the concert, the overall message the artist is conveying, and see how they are able to expand on this by creating an immersive experience layers on multiple stage design technologies.