How to Find the Best Voice Over New York Studios for Your Project

ADR services may not be hard to come by, but finding a high-quality voice over New York studio that nails every must-have on your criteria is a challenging task. If the ADR studio has poor-quality mics and other lackluster voice over recording equipment, terrible communication with staff, and the entire experience is just uncomfortable, your project will suffer. When it comes to finding the best voice over New York studio for ADR services, these tips will help.

New York City and Voice Over Recording

From Manhattan to Brooklyn, New York City is the number one city for voice over recording studios. One may think LA is the logical place for ADR. However, voice over New York services are known far and wide for the rich tapestry of needs that exist in NYC. From voice over for theatre, major film productions, television, advertising and opera, New York City has teams that specialize in certain areas. Yet the best voice over New York studios truly master all fields, with a wide variety of options for their clients.

New York Voice Over Studios Should Offer Comfort

You can have the best voice over recording equipment in New York, but if the studio itself lacks all the creature comforts a team of actors and producers need to perform good work, the project will suffer. The best voice over New York studios offer clean, modern and comfortable studios with sleek interior design that inspires a creative environment. They also go out of their way to provide crews and actors with all the specialty items needed to facilitate a relaxing yet energetic environment. Steer clear of voice over New York studios that are unkept and boring, as this is generally a testimony to the ADR services behind the curtain.

Any Top Voice Over New York Recording Studio Will Have a Sterling Portfolio

Voice over studios in New York can have state-of-the art equipment with the best mics and capabilities to do ADR work from split locations. They can also have comfortable digs and catered meals. But if their portfolio demonstrates bottom-of-the-barrel clients, there is likely a reason. Look for voice over recording services in New York that come from a studio with an impressive projects under their belt from world-known motion picture companies and hit TV shows. Production managers for top networks are extremely picky when it comes to working with voice over studios in New York City. All elements of post-production recording must be high-level with no room for shoddy work. When voice over recording studios in NYC have worked with power clients like Disney, Showtime and the NFL, you know you are putting your project into the best New York has to offer in voice over recording. Furthermore, this is a solid sign that communication, ease of workability and all the other important things that go into a winning production can be achieved when partnering with adra service providers of this caliber.