New strategies for new audiences

Marketing is changing and not only for new technologies, but also for new generations. Marketing managers now have to move from their current focus on the linear, factual and linguistic, to digital content that appeals to the imagination through technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, two immersive formats that generate more powerful images. This new generation Generation Z already has purchasing power and will respond much better than Millennials to emotional and musical narratives. This more than seeing it as a problem, will provide new opportunities for all types of companies including the Mexico dental to design creative content that moves the senses of consumers.

Of course, it will also require a new approach to the content of brands because the terrain is fertile to innovate, and marketing professionals should closely monitor what formats seem intrusive to consumers, especially on the screens of the devices mobile Along with this new way of creating content, they will have to provide unified brand experiences at all points of contact.

For many well-established brands, this will require investing time focused on improving their own structure and data management. Another goal will be to take care of the tone and make the experience unite through several points of contact in a synergistic way so that it will achieve more impact and influence.

In addition to not letting new social networks pass as new generations seek increasingly authentic social networks, do not want to be where their parents, uncles and even grandparents, look for “small” social networks to say so to communicate with their friends in a different way, simpler and faster, that is why when entering these social networks as a brand they must adapt, changing the message and not putting the same announcement as television, since they risk being ignored completely. Understanding the particularities of this group should be the priority of the specialists, who will have to adapt their communication tools in the coming years.