Retro Marketing Has Come Back

Maybe young people do not remember now but a few years ago, before the arrival of instant messaging and smartphones, instant messages were one of the favorite channels of communication. Everyone used them, also companies to interact with their customers and to launch promotions. But with technological evolution most users have ended up not using them in their day to day and many companies searched for other alternatives in social networks or WhatsApp. But the SMS has returned to the company to stay.

The companies have discovered that this channel, which is now void of noise from other conversations for its customers, that have transferred their communication for the most part to instant messaging, now becomes a preferred channel of attention. How many messages are received through WhatsApp throughout the day? And emails? What attention do they give? And how many SMS? One or none. This means that for many, receiving an SMS is something they consider important and they read immediately.

SMS marketing has changed a bit. It is no longer about mass mailings, but selected to those users who want to receive them. Let’s take a simple example. When we make an appointment with the dentist for  Dental implants in tijuana they usually send us an email, which is often lost in our inbox, but if we receive an SMS with all the information it will be much more valuable for most of the clients. The same can be applied for different industries.
One of the great virtues of SMS marketing is its opening rate, above 98 percent. But it is also can be combined with other options, take advantage of its reception on smartphones by adding links that complete the information received if the user so wishes.

The main drawback for many companies is in the costs. While sending a message through WhatsApp is free, the SMS despite having adjusted its costs in recent times will always be more expensive. The thing changes if what is measured is the return on investment, where here already starts to come out profitable for companies these shipments.

On the other hand find the automation that integrate it into our sales channel is a good alternative to other options such as WhatsApp for companies that are just starting their way. The final goal is for the client to read the notification and here the SMS has a great advantage.