Tips for Government Agencies in Finding the Best Military Power Supplies Manufacturer

If you are with one of the branches of our armed forces, in the aerospace industry, or within another organization that relies on military power supplies to enable tactical and communications equipment, finding a military power supplies company you can partner with is vital to maintaining high quality standards and safe operations. These tips will help.

Custom Military Power Supplies Capabilities

Make sure the military power supplies manufacturer you partner with offers custom solutions. Avoid companies that sell standard models. Today’s needs as seen in your industry often requires customized military power supplies, and the best manufacturers will have the ability to produce such work following every detailed specification. In fact, it should be every military power supply manufacturers desire to design a custom solution for high-reliability power conversion needs.

To begin the blueprints for custom military power supplies, the manufacturer should get the PFC number, input type, transient protection type, AC and DC input types, and EMI. For output selection there should be voltage specifications, along with current requirements, noise pk, line reg and load reg. OVP and remote sense should also be specified, if appropriate.

Custom military power supplies also need to be designed around the target environmental use. Some of the specs that go into these power converters are based on the following conditions:

  • Salinity environments
  • High altitude
  • Humidity
  • Fungus
  • High acceleration
  • Freezing conditions
  • Extreme heat
  • Depth / high pressure
  • High vibration and shock

The temperature will be key here, as will the details of the environment in which the military power supplies will be used. Production quantity will be noted, as by the needed delivery date. In some cases, product samples may be required. For example, if the US Navy needs a custom 3 phase power devise, or an AC to DC converter for a detailed, unique operation, a single prototype may need to be tested so that further customization instructions can be given to the manufacturer.

Military Power Supply Manufacturers Need to Make a Wide Range of Products

One sign you are partnering with one fo the best military power supplies companies is when the manufacturer offers and designs a wide range of product. By general standard the provider should supply the following:

  • 3 phase transformers
  • Single phase transformers
  • QPL transformers
  • AC to DC converters
  • DC to AC inverters
  • DC to DC converters
  • PFC front ends
  • EMI filters
  • Inductors

If military power supply manufacturers are missing one of these products in their catalogue of deliverables, they are incomplete and likely lack the skill or ability to evolve from a limited production platform.

Military Power Supply Quality

It goes without saying that quality is a must-have for anything in life. But when it comes to military power supplies, this is an absolute must with no room for cutting corners. Make sure the military power supply manufacturer uses advanced computer-aided design software to enable circuit simulation and thermal modeling for both military transformers and military power supplies. When it comes to engineering all military power supplies, thermal, electrical, environmental and mechanical requirements and considerations should be taken into all solutions when writing the guideline for standards. This means advanced screening and testing guarantees the highest integrity in workmanship and standards, without compromise.